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We cannot predict when it will be time for you to start working with a technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI): the timing will be different for each sector and each organisation. But one thing is certain – this kind of technology will cause a major shift in the market.

Don't be overtaken by new technologies or slowed down by old ones. With a reliable and flexible IT foundation you will already be prepared and create more time, space and budget to focus on smart use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, IoT and Virtual Reality in your sector.

With a hybrid cloud environment and the right services, you create a solid, secure, and flexible IT foundation that allows you to take advantage of any new technology when the market, your organization, and your customers are ready.

Case studies

In practice

Read some of our success stories about how a reliable and flexible IT environment provides our customers with more time and budget to focus on customer-oriented innovations.


If you have a damaged vehicle, you want it repaired as soon as possible. Carglass® already offered this kind of efficient service for damage to vehicle glass, but for some time now it has also been taking care of damage to the bodywork through its acquisition of the CARe Carrosserie network, which has more than 350 employees and some twenty branches. 

Carglass® Carrosserie has opted for an IT infrastructure in the Cheops Cloud. The IT management is also completely outsourced. In this way, the company is ready for growth and innovation: now it can add new applications and new branches with high flexibility. Carglass® Carrosserie does not have to worry about security or availability and can fully focus on its renowned customer service.

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The do-it-yourself chain Hubo finds it increasingly important to have an IT environment that is always available in order to support the business flexibly. That is why the company decided to place their servers in the Cheops data centre. It means that Hubo can count on maximum business continuity and growth opportunities

Hubo still has a data centre at its head office in Wommelgem, but this had become too small. When the company needed to expand it to absorb the growth in its operations, a strategic decision had to be made.

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Port+ is a service provider active in the Port of Antwerp. The company centralises all the information about the arrivals and departures of seagoing ships. It means that high-quality IT infrastructure and support are essential for the Port+ activities, which is why the niche player needed a custom solution and partnered with Cheops.

The Port+ team works 24/7 to provide information about the locks that give access to the port zone. Also, the Port+ team are experts in customs duties and the transportation of hazardous goods.

It means that high-quality IT infrastructure and support are essential for the Port+ activities, which is why the niche player needed a custom solution.

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Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and IoT will open up new opportunities in every sector faster than you think. As a company, you always have to make the right choices: what should you invest in, when should you invest and what are the expectations of suppliers, partners and customers that you need to take into account? These are always complex issues. The right investment at the right time can give a major boost to the innovation and growth of your company.

Buying into hype too quickly is far from ideal, but on the other hand postponing crucial steps can sometimes be fatal, if it means you miss the boat and can no longer catch up with your competitors.

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Why Hybrid Cloud as a springboard for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Virtual Reality and IoT? This way, you are ready for innovation and transformation. Read all about it in our e-book.